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Discipline can be a boxing match. A bout with ourselves that’s more of a mental sport and less of a physical one. 90% mind, 10% body.

90/10 means mind over matter. Our minds can overcome this physical world, no matter how daunting the challenge may seem. Even something as challenging as managing our own money.

It also means that we only have to put in 10% physical effort. This is great to know, seeing as physical effort is a lot harder than mental effort. In the physical realm we are limited to the material around us, but in the mental realm, we are only limited to our imaginations.


All we need to do is just imagine ourselves in the financial position we desire to be in and let our minds do the rest. See imagination produces thoughts, thoughts turn into attitudes and attitudes create actions. Hence 90% mind, 10% body. If we keep our minds focused we can overcome any physical obstacle or challenge with the least amount of physical effort.

That is the power of our minds!

So let’s imagine ourselves with the financial discipline we need so we can have the lives we want.  As we hold this image in our imaginations, letting our minds do 90% of the work we can do the 10% physical effort required through these 4 easy tips for financial discipline and actually win this boxing match.

1. Learn The Basics Of Money

Since being disciplined financially is our goal, the first action we should take is learning about money so we can understand it. We can take courses in personal finance, read books about investing or read blogs about getting out of debt. There’s so much we can learn and apply that will help us know which financial habits we need to establish.

2. Make A Plan/Set Goals

We always need a plan and a goal, no matter what our financial circumstances are. If we have a goal in mind we are more likely to stick to it. Plus by setting goals and giving them deadlines, it makes them feel more real. So let’s set a date and start working towards our goals.

3. Create A Budget

A budget acts as our spending plan and coincides with our goals. We should consistently make sure to clearly and accurately list out any and all of our monthly expenses and bills on an Excel or Google spreadsheet. An easy way to keep track of our expenses is by including them in categories such as mortgage, utilities, car payment etc… Once we have all of our expenses listed out we should run some calculations to see how much we can afford to spend in each of these categories each month.

4. Be Mindful Of Spending

Many of us fall victim to impulse purchases. How many times have we gone to the store for a couple of items just to end up leaving with a cart full of things that weren’t even on our list? To be sure it’s probably more times than we’d like to admit. But something that we should admit to ourselves is that all of these impulse purchases add up. We should also admit that a lot of our purchases really are frivolous and non-essential.

So if we stop and think about what we’re buying and why we’re buying it before we put it in our cart this will make us more mindful of our spending. By taking some time to think about the things we randomly put in our carts and asking ourselves questions like:

    • Is this on the list?
    • Do I really, truly need this?
  • Is this an emotional Purchase?

We can actually decide that we really don’t need any of these things after all.


A little discipline goes a long way. A very long way. So it suffices to say we only need a small amount of it to start having all the pieces of our lives fall into place.

Inspirational Einstein Quote

With imagination in our arsenal and the 90/10 rule in our favor, we have the power to change our lives and take control of our finances.

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Written by JOHN SELVEY

My thirst for knowledge, love for business and finance, along with my lifelong enthusiasm for writing and computer science pushed me into furthering my education through courses on business finance, personal finance, digital strategy, and web development. In addition to my educational pursuits, I have spent 10+ years in customer service with 2 of those years spent in the banking industry. In 2015 I became a father for the first time. And since, I have been dedicated to building a strong foundation for my family and community by pursuing my passions and utilizing my extensive background in customer service to start a small web production business with my wife.


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