People always say how they are not good at handling change.

They believe that routine and regiment are the ends all be all.  In their eyes everything must go according to plan; there is no room for adaptability.

They also believe that routine is the destroyer of chaos by keeping change at bay.

Well S#!t Happens!

President Donald Trump

Change is hard for sure, but while routine and regiment may signify a certain level of discipline, too much of it can also signify stagnation.

It’s a belief that institutionalizes people.

The majority of the population is institutionalized. It’s not just a phenomenon for the incarcerated.

Our society thrives off of fear and spews chaos, to make us believe that staying stuck will help us play the game.

Wake up, take a shit. Get dressed. Go to work. Go home. Take another shit. Go to bed. Repeat. And maybe you’ll find success, security, happiness, etc…

Rigid routine and resistance to change do not bring relief; it only prolongs our pain and suffering.

We let others move for us, and let the world pass us by because we need to be coddled with rigidity and familiarity; we have the mindset that we must resist change or face harm.

However, it’s what we think about the change that actually causes more harm than change itself.  We lack understanding of this basic tenet, a rule of the game: Change is a law.

If we really think about it:

Nothing in this universe, not a single element, is now what it was just a second ago. Our material world, this physical plane, is characterized by change, movement, and instability.

Resisting change is a futile endeavor that serves no one.

If we incorporate this into our thinking and embrace instability, instead of not wanting things to change, surely we can start to play the game of life as it should be played.

Understand this, accept it, act on it and embody it. You will truly come out victorious.

Adapt or die because change is the only thing in this life that is guaranteed.

Written by FanPage Campaign

Lucia and John's sense of humor brought these two together back in 2011. In 2015, they had their first child. Since then they've been managing ways to work from home so they can never miss a memorable moment with their child, Josiah. Lucia and John, want to share their experiences, knowledge, and insights with you to help you overcome any mental roadblocks. As content writers, they are digital fanatics campaigning for a better life!

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