Why Real Estate Agents Need Unique Website Content + 5 Ways To Get Real ROI From Content Marketing

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These 5 tips should help you get started on creating unique content for your real estate agency along with crafting a strategy to bring that content to market.

Fresh, interesting and unique content is critical to the success of any real estate agent’s website. Capturing the attention of potential clients is a challenging task in today’s marketplace. So by having unique content that appeals to your visitors you can get free higher search engine placements and be able to stand out more in this noisy industry.

Writing great pieces of real estate content is a key component of establishing your web presence. An established web presence brings you benefits such as boosted traffic from search engines along with new leads generated from outside your sphere of influence.


Furthermore, an established web presence is great for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which goes a long way. Search engines want to send their searchers to content that meets their needs and answers their questions. So by providing quality content that shows you’re an expert in real estate and in your market, you can create endless opportunities to share your story and build trust with your audience.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that people are so bombarded with advertisements, these days, that their tolerance for them has gotten lower and lower.

This is where creativity and expertise are King. What people crave now is useful, interesting content that engages them. So any old clever tagline or message will no longer suffice in captivating their interests or getting their engagement.

With that said you also need a strategy for your content. You need a strategy for engaging your audience and an action plan for turning that engagement into a return. This is the difference between just creating and publishing original content for your website and focusing those efforts on providing real value.

Those focused efforts are channeled through content marketing. When time and money is invested in content marketing, the focus is on providing value in an endeavor to attract prospects, capture leads and acquire new customers.


So to help you provide more value to your prospects and clients here’s 5 ways to get real ROI from content marketing:

  1. Establish Content Creation Goals
  2. Have A Great User Experience For Your Website
  3. Go Beyond Blogging
  4. Become A Broad Resource For Home Buyers
  5. Collect Email Addresses

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1. Establish Content Creation Goals

The first thing to keep in mind when establishing your content creation goals is that creating valuable content is about your audience and not directly about you. The content you create needs to be engaging and compelling.

Defining your content goals will help you grow your business by doing several things:

  • Bringing in more new leads
  • Converting those leads into clients
  • Closing more sales
  • Building up existing customer relationships
  • Beating your competition

2. Have A Great User Experience For Your Website

Although the great content is mainly about substance, you still want to have a great looking website that’s easy to navigate. You want to show your site visitors that you are professional and care about your online appearance. After all, first impressions count just as much online as they do offline. Not to mention the fact that the aesthetics of your website can greatly influence the reader’s impression of your content.

Here’s a checklist for providing a great user experience:

  • Your website is simple
  • Searching your website is seamless
  • Your site is easy to navigate
  • Your site is easy to share
  • Your blog and your website are linked
  • You provide opportunities for ‘Next-Click”
  • You Have Help

3. Go Beyond Blogging

As a real estate agent, you have to go above and beyond to provide more value to your readers and prospects in order to stand out and differentiate yourself. Blogs are a great tool but as previously mentioned, it isn’t enough to just simply write new blogs and publish them on your website anymore. This means spending time and getting creative developing value-added resources you can include in your blog posts that can be given away for free. You can create and give away free content such as:

  • Helpful worksheets and checklists
  • Free email courses
  • Ebooks
  • Slideshows and videos

4. Become A Broad Resource For Home Buyers

You have to be able to build a large, loyal audience who can help you promote your content to more people outside your sphere of influence.

In order to do this and see a greater return on the time and money you’ve put into your content marketing, use your blog to leverage yourself as a broad resource for potential home buyers.

By being broad you can cover a whole host of topics that your competitors aren’t writing about.

Here are some examples:

  • How Costly Is It To Maintain A Hot Tub or Outdoor Pool
  • How To Become More Involved In Your Community
  • How To Meet People And Make Friends In A New City
  • Tips For Organizing Your House When You Have No Storage Space
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Writing about broad issues like these can really help you strengthen your brand as an agent.

It will get your content in front of new audiences. And will definitely connect you with more people who like what you have to say and could use your help.

5. Collect Email Addresses

This is a simple strategy that can be implemented to realize more gains from your content marketing efforts. The objective is to capture and collect email addresses from people who land on your blog. Then use those emails to nurture relationships and qualify potential clients.

The most popular and effective way to do this is by including free content offers such as an Ebook in your blog posts.

Just make sure that you have a plan in place to nurture your email list. This is necessary because as soon as you’ve started collecting emails, something must be done with them. The people who opt-in to receive email updates from you are your warmest leads, so the key is to not let the emails you collect go to waste.

Here are a couple of examples of what to do with your new email list:

  • Enter them into the RSS feed for your blog so that each time you publish a new blog it gets sent to those addresses
  • Enter them into a free email course that educates them on buying and selling a home

Collecting emails will help you continue building trust and providing value for your leads, so when they’re in need of an agent you’re the first one they think of.

In Conclusion

These 5 tips should help you get started on creating unique content along with crafting a strategy to bring that content to market. Remember it’s your job as an agent to sell experiences not houses. Keep this in mind and you’ll see a real return on your content marketing investment.


Written by JOHN SELVEY

My thirst for knowledge, love for business and finance, along with my lifelong enthusiasm for writing and computer science pushed me into furthering my education through courses on business finance, personal finance, digital strategy, and web development. In addition to my educational pursuits, I have spent 10+ years in customer service with 2 of those years spent in the banking industry. In 2015 I became a father for the first time. And since, I have been dedicated to building a strong foundation for my family and community by pursuing my passions and utilizing my extensive background in customer service to start a small web production business with my wife.

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