FanPage Campaign | Digital Agency | Albuquerque, NM

Lucia Hernandez-Selvey

After pursuing my education through courses on business, digital media, and design, I decided I could assist people by putting my education and problem-solving skills for business use. My passion for serving people and helping them find practical, pragmatic solutions to everyday problems inspired me to spend five years in the retail and mobile phone industries. In 2015 I had my first child. And since I’ve been dedicated to being a full-time mom and sharpening my skills as a web producer. My strengths include e-commerce sales, U.I/U.X, and web design.

John Selvey

My thirst for knowledge, love for business and finance, along with my lifelong enthusiasm for writing and computer science pushed me into furthering my education through courses on business finance, personal finance, digital strategy, and web development. In addition to my educational pursuits, I have spent 10+ years in customer service with 2 of those years spent in the banking industry. In 2015 I became a father for the first time. And since, I have been dedicated to building a strong foundation for my family and community by pursuing my passions and utilizing my extensive background in customer service to start a small web production business with my wife.