Defining Social Media Marketing

The first thing to understand about social media marketing is that it is a new technique, not a new world. The tried and true strategies of marketing are steadfast and still apply.

With that said, social media marketing refers to using social media platforms to build rapport with customers then using that rapport for relationship selling.

And because it is a tool for your customers to communicate among themselves and occasionally with your company, social media platforms make innovative use of new online technologies to help you achieve your marketing goals when relationship selling.

Plainly stated, the goal of social media marketing is PARTICIPATION.

Defining Content Marketing

Content marketing is an age-old discipline. We’ve always needed methods to convey important information in entertaining and useful ways.

So content marketing is the practice of creating content and using content such as blogs, images, videos, podcasts, etc… to promote your products or services.

Furthermore, content marketing serves several purposes:

  1. Drive traffic and sales
  2. Better ranking in SERPs
  3. Connect with your customers and community
  4. Share expertise
  5. Build brand recognition

Plainly stated, the goal of content marketing is CONSUMPTION.