Helping Others As We Help Ourselves


There are many reasons why we decided to start this. But the biggest one is that we want to help others while we help ourselves. Hell can be a very real place when you have no sense of direction and no skills to depend on.

We ought to know…Lucia and I grew up pretty dysfunctional and weren’t actually taught any valuable skills. We were really only taught a couple of things:

1. How to escape and run away from our problems

2. How to fill out job applications.

It wasn’t until we had our son two and half years ago that we, in truth, realized how unprepared we were. With no family to count on and one low-wage income to rely on, self-discipline and self-education became the foundation for our budding family.

Life is hard when we don’t know basic things. And even harder when we don’t understand basic concepts about money. And unfortunately, that’s the majority of us. And not only do we not know how something as vital as money works, but many of us also have no actual marketable skills.

Being products of this ignorance ourselves, we were fortunate enough to recognize our problems. And more importantly, we were actually blessed enough to be able to do something about them.

And as we set out to break the cycle and create change in our own lives we want to help others do the same in theirs. So taking the tools we are lucky enough to have (computers and internet) we think the best way to do this is by sharing our experiences, knowledge, and perspective.

That’s why we call ourselves FanPage Campaign because we are digital fanatics campaigning for a better life.

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