– Dedicated To The Art Of Marketing –


Consider This: 

Marketing has become the most important idea in business and the most dominant cultural force; Yet despite its importance, it’s the least understood discipline.

To left-wing socialists, marketing is little more than exploitative, manipulative, hard-sell advertising used by greedy and unethical corporations who only care about pursuing profit.

To right-wing economists, marketing is simply invisible. There is no mention of marketing, at all. 

In their minds, prices are the end-all-be-all; carrying all the info about supply and demand that markets need for producing goods and services people actually want. 

However, after spending years slaving away selling smartphones, referring banking products and trying to take my shot at the music industry I came to a very big realization. 

A realization that altered the course of my life and career.

It was the realization that both of these views are incomplete; Marketing isn’t just about promoting products and manipulating people. It certainly isn’t invisible. And it’s not just a career category or extra business expense. 

It’s a very valuable skill that can bring you more money, more confidence, and help you live a happier, fuller life.

Here’s What I Mean…

Marketing is a concept that defines our daily lives. 

It’s a social framework that all of us rely on and use for all sorts of things beyond just commercial product and service promotion.

For instance, we use it to make friends; to get people to date us; to get people to agree with us and to see our perspectives.

We even use it for political messaging and framing arguments. 

We are all marketers running our own campaigns every day, whether we know it or not. We are always looking to position ourselves in ways that help us understand and provide value to each other’s needs.

To Illustrate:

When you watch a conspiracy theory or political thought video, the creator of the video is marketing their theory, philosophy, perspective, and/or channel. The video creator isn’t necessarily advertising a product or service.

Similarly, lawyers use marketing all the time when arguing in a court of law. Again, they aren’t selling the jury on a product or service, they are selling the jury on someone’s guilt or innocence based on the way they framed their arguments.

Think About It!

The video creator and lawyers are using this art to position themselves as original thinkers and skillful defenders of justice.

Hell, even A-Rod and J-Lo (or A-Lo and J-Rod) used the art of marketing to position themselves attractively to each other –  They each had to get their target interested in what they had to offer. So if it wasn’t for this art, they would’ve never gotten together.

(A terrible analogy, for sure!) 

But it is a fitting one. It fits because it’s meant to drive home this point: It’s important to have a firm grasp of this very misunderstood discipline.


It’s the means by which to live how you’ve always imagined. 

Learning about and having an appreciation for the art of marketing will help you position your business, and yourself desirably. 

That way you can have more money, more confidence, and a happier, fuller life.