Why Are Images And Videos So Important To The Success Of My Website?

Helpful videos and crisp, clear images are great for maximizing user experience. While the right keywords, meta tags, and great original content can really optimize your site, photos and videos often get overlooked as ranking factors.

User experience is how simple or pleasing it is for your visitors to use your website. So by having captivating images and videos you can definitely enhance your SEO and convert your leads into paying clients.

Photos and videos are also extremely valuable tools for:

  • Increasing user engagement by having your users spend more time on your site.
  • Amassing views on your website to gain a better chance at conversion.
  • Decreasing your bounce rate leaving you with higher search rankings and more traffic.
  • Creating a connection between your company and your customers.

So with great videos, compelling photos, original content and an understanding of SEO, you’ll be able to see higher rankings, attract more leads and increase conversions.

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